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Muslims worship a culture
and a man named Muhammad

Islam is the adoration of Muhammad's seventh century Arabian culture. They must dress the way Muhammad and his women did, eat what they ate, speak like he did, make his political views their own, and pray the way he did. They must agree with everything Muhammad did and taught and must believe the word of their ‘god’ Allah . . . who is NOT the God of the Bible, nor the God of this Universe!
The whole religion is based on the lifestyle and myths of this one wicked man, Mohammad. Islam is in fact, 7th century Arabia forced on people living in the 20th century.

Christianity on the other hand, allows people to live, dress and eat according to the culture in which they are living. Islam CANNOT do that, for IF they did, there would be no Islam. Islam is ALL about culture. Eat this because Muhammad did, don't eat that because Muhammad didn't eat it. Pray toward Mecca which is the culture you worship, don't pray with your back to your back to Mecca because you disrespect your god, your culture. All of this minor, temporal stuff done by a heathen named Muhammad has been elevated to divine law.

A Muslim must pray 5 times a day towards Mecca which is in Arabia, so that he is reminded that he must be obedient to Arabia, a country, a culture.


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The BIBLE has the answer