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The Quran Has NO Earthly Sources

According to the Islam religion, the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran came STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN and cannot have any earthly source. Yet the truth definitely shows that ALL of Islam is based on the customs and myths of pre-Islamic Arabia and very much on the misinterpretation of the Holy Bible by Muhammad.

Islam originally meant, defiance of death, heroism, to die in battle, but it seems that today it means submission. But, when we consider all the terrorism from the Middle East and fighting between the Shiite and Sunnis which definition better fits Islam? . . . To die in battle? OR Submission? The truth is that the Quran commands Muslims to convert everyone to Islam or else kill them. SO . . . IF a Muslim obeys his holy book, what do you think he will do? SO . . . how can Islam be a religion of peace???

Islam existed BEFORE Muhammad came on the scene, so there IS an earthly source. And another thing, the Quran is not written in a heavenly language, it is written the Quraish dialect (Hadith vol. 6, no. 507) which was Muhammad's tribe. It did NOT fall out of heaven as they claim. Neither is it non-translatable as Muslims are taught that it is.

The word "Allah" was NOT invented by Muhammad. It was already well known. Allah is a pure Arabic word al = the and ilah = god. It is not taken from the Hebrew or Greek word for god, nor is it even the Arabic word for god. It is the name of a peculiar deity . . . Allah, the moon god.

  • The Quran says Allah is unknowable. The Bible says God is knowable!
  • The Quran says Allah is non-personable. The Bible says God is very personal!
  • The Quran says Allah is not a spirit. The Bible says God is a Spirit!
  • The Quran says Allah is not a father, nor is Jesus the Son of God. The Bible says God is ONE, existing in three persons, NOT three gods, but ONE God!
  • The Quran says Allah can do anything with no limitations. The Bible says God cannot go against His immutable nature. God cannot lie!
  • The Quran says Allah is changeable. The Bible says God does NOT change!
  • The Quran says Allah has no feelings toward man. The Bible says God loves man!
  • The Quran says Allah did not personally enter human history. The Bible says God came in person to bring about man's salvation!
  • The Quran says Allah provides no saviour or intercessor. People are on their own. There is NO indication of grace. The Bible says God provided a Saviour and Mediator through His manifold grace!

It is quite clear to see that the God of the Bible is NOT the god of the Quran, Allah.


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The BIBLE has the answer