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Cruel and Usual Punishment
By Nonie Darwish.

Nonie Darwish is quite familiar with Islam. She was an Egyptian Muslim for the first 30 years of her life. She finally fled to America and became a Christian. She told her story earlier: Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror.

In this book she continues her important story, highlighting two crucial themes: what sharia law means, and how women are treated in Islam. She spells out in terrifying detail what the implications are of Islamic law, and how the West must be very careful indeed about the spread of sharia. The first half of this important book tells how women are treated in the world of sharia. The treatment of women in Islam alone should serve as a warning for anyone who thinks sharia compares with Western democracy and freedom. It does not!

 Cruel and Usual Punishment in marriage.

Consider marriage in Islam. Muslim women are prohibited under sharia from marrying non-Muslim men . . . but Muslim men can marry Christian or Jewish women. What it all boils down to is the sharia marriage contract is actually a document granting sexual intercourse rights to the male and giving him total control over his four wives.
There are even temporary marriages solely for the purposes of sexual pleasure for the male. This marriage can last as little as an hour. Then there is the traveler’s marriage, which is intended to accommodate the male sexual appetite while travelling.

Divorce is also a one way traffic in Islam. Men can divorce their wives instantly, simply by saying “I divorce you” three times. A Muslim woman cannot pledge a divorce. In custody cases, children after the age of seven (or sometimes nine) belong to the father.

And a male can beat his wife and sexually abandon her. Under sharia a husband deserves total submission and gratitude. As one revered Muslim scholar, Imam Ghazali has said, “Marriage is a form of slavery. The woman is man’s slave, and her duty therefore is absolute obedience”.

Polygamy is also the right only of Muslim men. But even more disgusting and horrible is the practice of sexual gratification with children. There is NO legal age for marriage under sharia. Thus the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, for example, said in an official statement, “A man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby.”
Muhammad had a six-year-old wife, whom he consummated relations with when she was just nine. And what is worse, Islamic leaders argue that his life serves as an example and pattern for all Muslims.

There are many other cruel essentials to sharia law. Women adulterers are to be stoned to death; girls who fornicate are to be flogged; a woman’s testimony in a court of law is only worth half that of a man’s; women cannot be in the company of men who are not her relatives; female genital mutilation is rife; a Muslim wife needs her husband’s permission to travel; etc., etc.

There is also the matter of honor killing. Even though there is no sharia law that specifically gives men the right to kill their women to protect their family honor, there are existing laws which protect men who do commit such killings. Indeed, sharia states that a killer of an apostate, a robber or an adulterer cannot be punished for murder.

In the rest of the book Darwish looks at life “behind the Muslim curtain” . . . what life is like for non-Muslims under sharia law. Non-Muslims are treated almost as poorly as women in Muslim-majority countries. Jews and Christians are second-class citizens. Darwish records the many ways in which non-Muslims are oppressed, discriminated against, and denied basic human rights. And any Muslims who dare to think other than sharia are also subject to tremendous opposition and oppression. To criticize Islam is punishable by death. Muhammad ordered the killing of those who dared to criticize him.
All the different schools of Islam agree that blasphemy or criticism of Islam is a capital offence. Muslim imams (like a pastor) do not expect to be questioned or challenged in any way. In such a world there is no intelligent honesty, no dialogue and no respect.
Muslim preachers see Westerners and Jews as the height of evil, the embodiment of Satan. Therefore they can be cursed, deceived and killed. Actually, according to sharia, lying and deception are required at times when dealing with the enemies of Islam. This is part of the overall jihad being waged against infidels.

After reading so much detail about what sharia teaches and commands, people are left stunned. Darwish states, “The West should be clear on the nature of Sharia. It is nothing more than legal tyranny, a terminal disease that destroys the healthy functioning of society where everything is sacrificed for the sake of total control”.

Darwish says Islam is not really a religion as much as it is a system of complete control of  social order. Islam is a prejudiced worldview that allows no opposition, no questioning. The West should boldly oppose Islam’s Sharia and not tolerate fanaticism. She concludes her book with practical suggestions for the West: including keeping sharia illegal, restricting immigration and monitoring Muslim clerics on what they are preaching and teaching. The West must rediscover and celebrate its Judeo-Christian heritage and values, and keep separate the church from government.


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