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The Vast Dangers of ECUMENICALISM to TRUE Christians

One of the latest attacks on TRUE Christianity is the Satanic plan of the worldwide ecumenical movement . . . the Coming One-World Church! This ecumenical movement is striving that ALL religions join together under one roof praying with each other . . . to all kinds of different gods with the only thing in common and unity is the spelling of the word g-o-d. It seems that most people think this is a great idea of how to be united . . . but IF you consider what Almighty GOD thinks . . . you will find out that the One and Only TRUE GOD of the Universe thinks . . . and He is NOT at all pleased with the movement!  

The prevailing philosophy of the last days desires that all professing religions join together in unity no matter their doctrinal integrity. "Ecumenical" means worldwide, universal. The ultimate goal of the ecumenical movement will be to bring ALL religions together into one worldwide group. In their words, we may not all be Catholics or Methodists, Muslim or Lutherans, etc., but we all still worship the same God . . . but we do it in 'our own way'; so because we are sincere about our love and worship, we can be sure God hears us because God is love and if we love each other, then certainly God must love us.

DO THEY ALL REALLY WORSHIP THE SAME GOD??? NO! Absolutely NOT! The ecumenical movement is a Satanic system of LIES built on a LIE and supported and promoted by professional LIARS! There is NOT even one single Scriptural authority within the ecumenical movement. TRUE Christians . . . STAY AWAY!!! Believe GOD, not the commandments of men (Mat.15:9).

For TRUE Christians, see: https://www.godcannotlie.org/true_children_of_god.htm

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The BIBLE has the answer