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Welcome to our website

We here at His Servants' Ministry, Inc. teach the whole Truth of God's Holy Word. We teach God's goodness and mercy and Heaven; but we also teach God's righteous wrath and judgment to come, and an eternal, agonizing HELL, a Lake of Fire.

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About Our Ministry

The Truth About Salvation, How to Be Saved

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An Apostate World


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Death, Then What?

False Teachers

God's Will

God's Wrath

God Cannot Lie

God Controls His Creation

Heaven vs Hell


??Is There Really a God??

Judgment in the Great Tribulation

???Paradoxes in the Bible???


Pride, Violence, Sexual Lust

Resisting Temptation

Satan and Witchcraft

Second Coming of Christ and End Time Events

Sin and Forgiveness

Sovereignty of God

Walking With Jesus

Wicked People Described

Wisdom From Psalms and Proverbs

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Charismatics Are Wrong

Charismatics Beliefs Are Dangerous

Charismatics, Many Dangers

Charismatics Tongues

!Chrismatics Tongues Have Ceased!

Charismatic, Why I Am Not

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Cults Dangerous To Your Soul



Catholic Anathemas Terribly Wrong

Catholic Council of Trent

Catholic Laws and Rituals Wrong

Catholic Doctrines Heresy

Catholics Are Wrong



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??Word-Faith Is It Biblical??

Word-Faith Movement

Word-Faith, Many Reasons to Reject It


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Decisions We Make in This Life

Abortion is Murder

Alternative Lifestyles

Homosexuality is a SIN

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Earthquakes in United States

Earthquakes Worldwide

Extreme Weather


Matthew Chapter 24


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The End Time One World Religion is NEAR!

Ecumenism: Hand in hand With Rome

The Apostate Ecumenical Movement

Are Catholics Saved

Are Prayers to Mary Biblical?

BEWARE of False Teachers!

Bible VS Ecumenism

Biblical Separation Scriptures

Catholic Heresies

Dangers of Ecumenism

Is the Catholic Religion a Cult?

One World Religion

Other WebSites Bringing the Truth

Peter Warns of Heresies

Should Christians Join?

The Antichrist

The Antichrist Soon to Come!

Trembling at God's Holy Word

WHAT Awaits When We Die?

What the Bible Says About Mary

What the Bible Says About Purgatory

Who is the Whore?

Who Is the Woman in revelation 17?

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False Doctrines

?Easter or Resurrection Day?

Errors About Angels

False and True Teaching

False vs True Doctrine



Jehovah's Witnesses

Lies About Christianity

??Religion or Christ??

??Word-Faith Is It Biblical??

Word-Faith Movement

Word-Faith, Many Reasons to Reject It

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False Teachers

How to Recognize a False Teacher

Bennie Hinn

Billy Graham

Harry Potter

Kenneth Copeland

Joel Osteen

Joyce Meyer

Mary Worship

Mother Teresa

BEWARE . . . Pat Robertson . . . of Socialism

Rick Warren

Their Word-Faith Doctrine

Word-Faith Movement

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False Word-Faith Doctrines

!!!Damnable Heresies!!!

Avoid Word-Faith Doctrines

False Teachers Teach Word-Faith Doctrines

???Is Word-Faith Doctrines Biblical???

Reasons to Reject Word-Faith Doctrines

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Hate Groups


Black Racists

Black Supremacists

Muslim Extremists

Violent Prison Gangs

Radical Black Preachers

White Supremacists

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HELL is a Reality

Hell, NO Exit Doors In Hell

?Is There a Hell?

The Soul Is Eternal

What Happens To Souls That Have Died?

What Is Hell Really Like?

Would God Really Send Me To Hell?

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Israel,12 spies

Israel, Adultress

Israel, Beginning of

Israel, Bones Shall Live

Israel, A Byword Among the Nations

Israel, Captivity

Israel, Defeated in Battle

?Israel, Did She Kill Jesus?

Israel, Dispersion of

Israel, Divine Cures

Israel, God's Chosen People

Israel, God Faithful to

Israel, God hides His face From

Israel, Humbled

Israel, Idolatry

Israel, Persecution

Israel, Their Promised Land

?Israel, Their Sabbath or Ours?

Israel, Their Ten Failures

Israel, Tribes

Israel, Unfruitful

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Judgment According to Works

?Judgment, Are You Going to Heaven?

Bottomless Pit

Judgments, Different

Judgment, God's Holy Wrath

?Judgment, Is There Really a Hell?

Judgment, Great White Throne

Judgment, Righteous Rewarded

Judgment Seat of Christ

Judgment Sure

?Judgment, What's in Store?

?Judgment, What is Hell Really Like?

?Judgment, Where Souls Go?

Judgment, Wicked Punished

?Judgment, Will Christ Be Judge?

?Judgment, Will God Really Judge Sin?

?Judgment, Would God Really Send Me to Hell?

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For more on God's Judgments, see:

http://www.lastdaysprophecy.org . . . Judgments


Modern Bibles Corrupted

Modern Bibles Distort Verses

Modern Message Bible a Mess

Modern NIV Bible Perverted

Modern Bibles Distort Sin

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Salvation, Spiritual Growth

Christian Growth

Desire to Grow

God's Presence

Listening to God

Lord's Return, The

Obedience to the Spirit

Peace With God

Sign of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Food

Soul is Eternal

Time and Patience

Trusting God

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This topic brings MANY articles on sin,
how we can overcome sin, and how we can have
Victory Over Sin

Victory Over Sin

Applying Jesus' Victory

Beware of Apostate Preachers

Bible Definition of Sin

Biblical Victory Over Sin

Boundaries of Sin, What Are They?

King David Was A Sinner, Just Like You and Me

Ecumenism, Yoking With Satan

Evils of Neo Evangelism

God's Rules on Sin

Guilt Feeling

How Narrow Is the Narrow Way?

How to Gain Victory Over Sin

How to Overcome

Important Bible Verses

Living Godly is NOT Easy!

Must Have An Earnest Desire to Have Victory Over Sin!

Sin in the Human Heart

Sin Must be Punished

Struggling to Understand Sin

Taking a Biblical Stand For God

Understanding WHAT Sin Is

Universal Nature of Sin

Unrighteousness, WHAT Is It?

Victory Over Sin, Can I Have it?

Victory Over Sin, Even for the Chief of Sinners!

Victory Over Sin, Forgiveness

Victory Over Sin, Misunderstood

Victory Over Sin, Overcoming Sin

Victory Over Sin, Reasons Not to Sin

Victory Over Sin, Rewards For Overcoming

Victory Over Sin, Sin Defined

Victory Over Sin, Ways to Achieve It

Weighing Sins, Does God Do That?

What Is Sin?

Why Sin Must Be Punished

World Will Rejoice, Believers Will Have Sorrow

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??What Is This??

What is Jesus Only Doctrine?

What are Theists?

What is a Theophany"

What is Amillenialism?

What is Antinomianism?

What is Armstrongism?

What is Covenant Theology?

What is Dispensationalism?

What is Divine Providence?

What is Double Predestination?

What Is Ecumenism

What is Hell Like?

What is Hellenism?

What is Heresy?

What is Individual Faith?

What is Judgment According to Works?

What is Landmarkism?

What is Postmillennialism?

What is Predestination? Is it Biblical?

What is Premillenialism?

What is Preterism?

What is Replacement Theology?

What is the Kingdom of God?

What is the Millennial Kingdom?

What is the New Covenant?

What is Total Depravity?

What is Trinitarianism?

What is Universalism?

What is Unlimited Atonement?

What is . . . Who are the Elect?

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The BIBLE has the answer